Audiometric Testing

Occupational noise exposure can be a big problem. If your workplace or employees are exposed to high levels of noise, you likely already recognize the need for a hearing conservation program. Pro Safety & Rescue can assist you in creating and managing a hearing conservation program that fits your workplace as well as perform regular audiometric testing.

What is Audiometric Testing?

Audiometric testing is a way to monitor employees’ hearing over time. It involves taking baseline audiograms as well as annual tests to measure if any significant loss of hearing is taking place. It is required for

Audiometric testing is a great way to educate employees on protecting themselves from hearing damage. Annual followup tests help to show whether the hearing conservation program you have in place is actually working to prevent hearing loss.

Baseline Audiograms

A baseline audiogram acts as a reference to which all future tests can be compared. Before taking this test, employees should not be exposed to workplace noise or wear hearing protection for at least 14 hours.

Annual Audiograms

Annual audiograms are performed within a year of the baseline audiogram and every year thereafter. These tests are an important part of making sure that your employees’ hearing is not being damaged over time. The earlier any hearing deterioration is caught, the faster protective measures can be taken to prevent further damage.

Let us help you with all of your audiometric testing needs.

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