Fit Testing

There are times in many projects when the use of a respirator may become necessary. There are some requirements you need to know before you give your team members a respirator. Our team can answer all of your questions and perform the following tests:

  • Pulmonary Testing (PFT)
  • Qualitative Fit Testing
  • Quantitative Fit Testing

Tight-fitting respirators must seal to the wearer’s face in order to provide adequate protection. This includes disposable respirators (also called “filtering face pieces”). Therefore, fit testing is required in the US by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) before a user wears a mandatory respirator on the job, and must be assessed at least annually. In addition, fit tests should be performed:

  • Whenever a different size, model, or make of a respirator is used
  • When any facial changes occur that could affect fit, such as significant weight fluctuation or dental work

Need assistance with fit testing? We can help.

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Pro Safety & Rescue has traveled all over the state with us. I trust every rescue, EMT, and safety professional on their staff with the safety of my team member. When it comes to PPE, they always deliver.

Gabe Perez
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