On-site Emergency Medical Services

Pro Safety & Rescue, Inc. provides on-site emergency medical services to a wide variety of industries all across the United States. Our services include on-site teams of emergency medical technicians and mobile care units. Rest easy knowing that the safety of everyone at your work site or event is of the utmost importance to us. Our experienced EMS team takes pride in being exceptional at what they do. All of our EMTs are nationally certified and ready to provide the highest quality of medical oversight for your project.

Some of the services provided by our on-site EMS team include:

  • Pre-planning the worksite for hazards
  • Understand the average response times of local EMS
  • Identifying the closest medical providers for various levels of patient care
  • On-site EMS for venues such as concerts, races, television and film sets, and sporting events
  • Non-transport immediate medical care
  • Basic life support with extended scope support
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What our clients have to say...

I have nothing but wonderful experiences working with Pro Safety & Rescue, Inc. Whenever we need them, even last minute, they are there for us ready to work.

Bob Waters
Maintenance Manager
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