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So here we are, living and working in the midst of a surge of COVID-19 cases in America. We are all doing our best to stay healthy by maintaining social distance according to the guidelines, as well as wearing our masks and washing our hands regularly. But still, life happens; and what do we do when we find ourselves in the situation where we need to be tested for COVID-19?

We are pleased to introduce a new option for COVID-19 testing. Pro Safety & Rescue, Inc. has been providing COVID services to private companies since the beginning of the pandemic, and has just expanded its services by offering COVID-19 testing to the public. Our designated website for public COVID testing, offers a hassle-free way to schedule your appointment.

Pro Safety & Rescue, Inc. is a CLIA Approved Laboratory that has the facilities and technology to administer and process results for both Antigen and RT-PCR molecular tests.

You read that correctly, Pro Safety & Rescue can process in-house RT-PCR molecular tests and provide results the same day. And with our easy drive-up testing, you can get tested without even leaving the comfort of your vehicle.

RT-PCR molecular testing is the gold standard of COVID-19 testing and is capable of providing the most accurate results by identifying the COVID-19 RNA present in the host at a much earlier stage of the viral infection. Molecular tests are highly recommended by the FDA and are often required in order to comply with travel restrictions. Nearly all RT-PCR tests are sent away to a third party lab in order for the results to be processed, and it can take days to get results back. Pro Safety & Rescue can offer same-day results for the most accurate test available with our in-house RT-PCR testing machine. You will need to call for an appointment as well as for pricing, as these rapid RT-PCR tests are in limited supply.

We also offer other forms of COVID-19 testing including standard RT-PCR molecular tests and rapid antigen tests. With several antigen testing machines in-house, our technicians can administer multiple antigen tests at a time, providing quick results for several patients at a time.

Antigen tests, though not as accurate as molecular tests, can provide a fast and less-expensive way to test large numbers of people, especially on a regular basis. The FDA has determined that repeated antigen testing is a suitable strategy for maintaining a healthy worksite. And Pro Safety & Rescue can provide on-site antigen testing to your worksite or business as part of our Concierge COVID Services.

Our Concierge COVID Services are available across California, and we can provide COVID-19 testing and pre-entry screening to your worksite, office, movie set, or event with professional technicians and set medics. And you can count on the professionalism and discretion of our Concierge service technicians to bring reliable COVID-19 testing right to your home for your convenience.

Don’t be fooled by companies offering COVID-19 antibody testing.

These companies are offering finger-prick ANTIBODY tests and promoting them as COVID-19 tests. These antibody tests are only designed to find evidence of past exposure to the COVID-19 virus and are not reliable in determining if you are currently infected. According to a study by UK firm BMJ, one in five of these antibody tests produce inaccurate results for past infection. And an investigation by the National Covid Testing Scientific Advisory Panel found that when these tests are used to determine current COVID-19 infection, they can have an accuracy rate as low as 55%. People could be receiving negative results from these antibody tests and walking out with a false sense of security, thinking that they are not infected when they very well might be.

You want to be sure that you are receiving the best options available, and you can count on Pro Safety & Rescue to provide real COVID-19 solutions for you, your family, or your business. And we are uniquely qualified to offer you these options at your greatest convenience. We are your solution for fast, reliable, professional COVID-19 testing in California. And it is our goal and our passion to serve our customers and our community by providing professional safety and testing services you can count on. Visit our new website to schedule an appointment today. Or contact us to see how we can bring our professional Concierge COVID Services to you.

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I have nothing but wonderful experiences working with Pro Safety & Rescue, Inc. Whenever we need them, even last minute, they are there for us ready to work.

Bob Waters
Maintenance Manager