Equipment Rental

Our rental equipment is top-notch, well-maintained, and reliable. Whatever your equipment needs, be it an unexpected outage, petrochemical leak, a construction delay, or agriculture situation we’ve got you covered. Our 24 hour on-call service team can set up a quick delivery or will-call for the equipment and can customize equipment packages for your particular situation.

Some of the equipment we offer includes:

Air Trailers and Air Carts

When forced ventilation fails to get rid of an atmospheric hazard, you need a reliable, high-quality piece of equipment. Our air trailers are equipped with a six-bottle cascading system to provide continuous Grade D breathable air to your team members. Our breathable air equipment line offers a solution to any atmospheric situation.

Smaller options are available as well. We carry a line of breathable air carts with two small bottles of Grade D breathable air for the quick, confined space work. There is also a SCBA rental for that upcoming micro project.

Fans and Ducting

Specific ventilation requirements can change from project to project. We carry a variety of intrinsically safe ventilation solutions to fit any need on any project. This includes blowers and fans ranging in all sizes and ducting that snaps right to the shroud so you can pull or push air in any direction for the best results.

These fans are great for ventilating manholes and other confined spaces, providing fresh air, and removing fumes to increase worker safety and comfort.


Working in a remote location with no power? Say no more! We also carry a variety of generators to accompany your ventilation and ducting rental.

SCBA & Hip Pac

We have a fantastic line of Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) and Hip Pacs available for rent. These systems can be rented for any length of time, and come fully serviced, inspected, and filled along with on-going services and maintenance for as long as you need the SCBA or Hip Pac.

It is important to note that pulmonary and fit tests must be done for any team members that will be required to use these systems. We provide these tests for you as part rental package. These services can be conducted in the field, or at our offices. More details on our fit testing is available here.

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What our clients have to say...

I have nothing but wonderful experiences working with Pro Safety & Rescue, Inc. Whenever we need them, even last minute, they are there for us ready to work.

Bob Waters
Maintenance Manager
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