Drug Testing

Pro Safety & Rescue provides full anti-drug and alcohol programs to fit your company’s needs. Our staff are trained to work closely with you and to meet, if not exceed, all local, state, and federal drug and alcohol regulations, as well as the standards set by your company. We offer a full line up of testing types including breath alcohol, hair follicle, saliva, and urine.


Some drug testing solutions we offer include:

  • Pre-employment drug and alcohol screening
  • 24-hour service in our state of the art drug testing center
  • 24-hour on-site drug screening
  • Professional laboratory analysis
  • Collection site management
  • Post-accident drug testing
  • Random drug screening
  • Reasonable suspicion testing
  • Dot and non-dot drug screening*
  • Return to work drug testing
  • Follow up drug screening

*This DOT and Non-DOT testing is available in all of our drug testing services. These services include, Post Accident, Random, Reasonable Suspicion, New Hire, and Follow Ups.

Alcohol Testing

We offer DOT and Non-DOT alcohol testing, both on-site or in our drug testing center with 24-hour service, should the need arise.

We use the Alco-Sensor VXL for all of our alcohol testing. It is the most advanced, handheld microprocessor-driven alcohol testing instrument. This professional grade breathalyzer provides a simple, economical method of determining breath alcohol content with fast, accurate results. Some of the features of this sensor are:

  • Evidential-grade accuracy
  • Intoximeter’s reliable, top-of-the-line integrated fuel cell technology
  • Direct testing, passive testing, and drink sniffing capabilities
  • Lever and snap mouthpiece, with illuminated mouthpiece guide

Whatever your company might require, rest assured that our experienced and capable team is ready to offer you the drug and alcohol testing solutions you need.

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What our clients have to say...

Pro Safety & Rescue has traveled all over the state with us. I trust every rescue, EMT, and safety professional on their staff with the safety of my team member. When it comes to PPE, they always deliver.

Gabe Perez
Safety Director
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