Confined Space Rescue

We offer 24-hour response for all of our rescue services. Our technical rescue teams are certified in Rope Rescue Systems I & II and trained to meet and exceed all confined space rescue and safety requirements for horizontal and vertical entries. We are compliant with OSHA & Cal-OSHA regulations and maintain California State Fire Marshal certifications in many of our rescue techniques. Our teams are also outfitted with top of the industry, highly specialized rescue equipment that enables them to respond immediately and effectively to any rescue situation: complex or non-complex. Our rescue technicians are able to provide basic life-saving and safety services during high stress situations.

Some of the rescue and safety services we provide include:

Confined Space Rescue

This involves the rescue and recovery of victims trapped in a confined space or in a place only accessible through confined spaces like vaults and tanks.

Complex Confined Space Rescue

This involves rescue from confined spaces with significant levels of internal hazards like piping and supports. It also includes vertical and elevated entries into confined spaces.

Confined Space Attendants

This team of attendants monitors your confined space entry teams throughout the day and works in conjunction with our rescue teams to keep everyone safe. Our attendants are capable of monitoring multiple confined spaces at once, which provides a cost-effective, OSHA and Cal-OSHA compliant, safety solution for your project.

High Angle Rope Rescue

This is a technical rope rescue technique used to rescue injured or incapacitated persons on terrain at slopes of 60 degrees or greater.

Low Angle Rope Rescue

This refers to rescue operations on slopes up to about 35 degrees. In this situation rescue ropes are used mainly for balance because the ground supports the rescuer.

Trench Rescue

A specialized subset of confined space rescue, this involves shoring up the sides of the trench and is one of the most dangerous rescue operations to complete.

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I have nothing but wonderful experiences working with Pro Safety & Rescue, Inc. Whenever we need them, even last minute, they are there for us ready to work.

Bob Waters
Maintenance Manager
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